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What is Cubezo Infinity Cube?

Cubezo is a magical gadget that can help relieve stress and provide a fun trick for any occasion. With Cubezo, you can flip the dynamic cube infinitely, and it will eventually return to its original configuration.

It starts as a cubic shape, transforms into two open shapes, and finally returns to a cube in a different color. Cubezo infinity cube is a great tool for those who love to de-stress or think while holding an object in their hands. Additionally, it has a stunning design that looks great on your desk or around your home.

Cubezo Infinity Cube Luxor in Gold and Black
Cubezo Infinity Cube Luxor in Gold and Black as Stars
Cubezo Infinity Cube Luxor in Black and Gold

The Answer to the Question You Haven’t Asked

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In a land of enchantment, a cube found itself lost in the heart of a mystical forest. There, it crossed paths with a curious rhombus and the two combined, giving birth to a new entity known as Cubezo.

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Cubezo is a polyhedral mechanical infinity cube that can fold infinitely onto itself. In addition, it transforms into two rhombus star-like dodecahedrons. It is designed for stress-relief with delight inside.

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A stress-relieving gadget that uses an innovative hinge design based on Yoshimoto’s cube model. Cubezo infinity cube offers a de-stressing experience through its folding and transforming movements.

The Technique Behind the Magic

Cubezo’s versatility makes it a perfect icebreaker for various occasions. Specifically, whether it’s among friends or even during a job interview with a potential employer. It’s fascinating to see the different reactions from people who have never seen Cubezo infinity cube before.

The surprise on their faces when they discover Cubezo’s hidden magic is priceless. At first glance, Cubezo infinity cube may seem like just a dynamic cube. However, with the right movement, it can be opened to release its hidden magic. This magic involves separating the two complementary Escher’s platonic solid, creating a thrilling experience for the user.


Beautifully designed desk object.


Precise motion, luxury feel.

Stress Relief

Super de-stressing infinity cube.

Hidden Magic

Surprise magic trick inside.

Infinity Cube Elements

15 parts born out of only 2 elements.


Unique production technology.

Geometry From Art

Escher , Pfeiffer, Yoshimoto in one.

Patent Registered

Active mechanical design patent.