About Us

Welcome to Cubezo! We’re a team of passionate designers, engineers, and puzzle enthusiasts who love creating innovative and dynamic cubes for people to enjoy.

Our goal is to provide you with a unique and fun way to destress, challenge your mind, and simply have fun. We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products, and we’re always striving to innovate and improve.

Meet the Inventor

Hey there, I’m Filippo Guenzani, and I’m the mastermind behind Cubezo! I went to the Politecnico di Milano University where I studied Mechatronics Engineering and worked on electronic projects with big names like Robert Bosch GmbH, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., and Maserati S.p.a.

After that, I wanted to explore my creative side and left the Automotive industry to design machinery and paraglide off of mountains! I worked with TTengineering S.r.l. and then BM Group Polytec S.p.a., where I honed my engineering skills.

All of these experiences led me to pursue my dream project, which is how Cubezo came to life!

Timeline of Cubezo


Walt Disney

Phase 1

In 2016, our journey began with a stroke of genius in a creative lab, where the geometry of the Paper Dynamic Cube was discovered. Fast forward to 2017, and our team brought the concept to life with a titanium hinge prototype, crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

Phase 2

By 2018, we had given birth to the first ever Cubezo made of plastic, crafted with precision and designed to dazzle. The following year saw the creation of a brand new version of Cubezo. The 2019 version featured a breakthrough revolutionary design that eliminated the need for metal rods to be mounted.

Phase 3

In 2020, our team brought their skills to bear on the creation of a sleek injection mold design that allowed for mass production of Cubezo. In the following years, a manufacturer was selected. Finally in 2023, the Cubezo shop launched. Now you can purchase Cubezo and experience the magic for yourself!

Meet the Team

People don’t work for Cubezo, they fall in love with it, swept away by its magic and versatility. It’s the kind of puzzle that you can’t put down, that draws you in and keeps you hooked for hours on end.
The Cubezo is a game-changer, a revolution in the world of mechanical puzzles, and it’s no wonder that people can’t help but fall head over heels for this little wonder.

Filippo Guenzani Founder & CEO Cubezo

Filippo Guenzani

CEO – Founder

Priscilla Formica Operations & Support Cubezo

Priscilla Formica

Operations & Support

Matteo Pacchioni General Manager Cubezo

Matteo Pacchioni

General Manager

Ylenia Mase Marketing Manager Cubezo

Ylenia Mase’

Marketing Manager